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How to Become Award Winning

You're someone's cover story! You never know who's watching you. Your life should be a mirror image of who you are. People are publicly observing us each day to define our identity. My simple formula for making their assessment accurate is to "Do Who You Are!" You have a Code for Success embedded deep within you waiting to be activated; however, gaining access requires that you be authentically you and develop the gifts and abilities inside of you. Attempting to emulate those you admire leaves the world vacant of your legacy; all those who's lives you were created to serve may be left void if you allow a self-imposed identity crisis to defer you. ACHI Magazine's CEO Juanita Fletcher and her team, featured my daughter Emily Thompson (bottom-white gown) and I in their magazine on the cover of the "GIRL POWER" issue for "The Rise of Mother/Daughter Entrepreneur" Power Team. Why? Because they observed us successfully leading in the Performing Arts field through our company Powerhouse Productions. Do Who You Are, The World is Watching and Waiting for You to Emerge!

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