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Oliver Bennett
Oliver Bennett

Marching Band Pep Tunes Pdf Download =LINK=

I hear you are coming to Newcastle for 16th March, stop the coal loader. Fantastic. I would love to join in on alto or soprano sax. Do you know which tunes you will be doing so I can download the right charts?

Marching Band Pep Tunes Pdf Download

Bowie, who'd once proclaimed that "the only good school for a musician is the road," was famously peripatetic; in addition to jazz groups, he'd played with army bands, carnival bands, marching bands, and funk bands, toured with blues and R&B hitmakers (including Albert King, Little Milton, Jackie Wilson, and Fontella Bass), and even played circus trumpet with an outfit called Leon Claxton's Harlem Review. A few years earlier, he told an interviewer that he aimed to play in the widest variety of circumstances he could. "It broadens you," he explained. Shifting the scene forces you to find out "what works and what doesn't . . . I've tried to play in just about any kind of situation. I could play with a bus. A motorcycle. A baby crying. You learning how to deal with all these different sounds. It's all about sound. You don't play bebop licks with a truck going down a highway, you have to have something that works." But, in his first trip to Africa, Bowie took on a unique challenge: to figure out what fit with Fela's tight-knit hybrid of James Brown, modal jazz, and high life. To deal with the sounds of Lagos in the midst of the perverse and fleeting euphoria of the oil boom. Months later, you could hear the traces, as a string of LPs appeared: Sorrow, Tears, and Blood; Palm Wine Sound; No Agreement; Dog Eat Dog; I Go Shout Plenty; Colonial Mentality. Even on the tunes where the solos were taken by Tunde Williams (the regular trumpeter in Fela's band, Africa '70), Bowie is listed on the jacket as "Guest Artiste." Sometimes there's even a hint of editorial comment, as when Ghariokwu Lemi's hand-drawn cover for the LP of Stalemate notes the participation of the "Guest Artist on Trumpet, Lester Bowie (a good Afro-American)." [End Page 94]


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